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Fall Foliage Brings Big Property Manager To Do List

Fall, a wonderful time of year for some. For Property Managers it means more work. Fall is the time when we schedule all of our homes that have sprinkler systems to be blown out before the first deep freeze. This entails reaching out to all our tenants, vendors making appointments to gain access to the inside and open valves, and then proceed to blow the lines on the outside. What could go wrong? Fortunately, we are able to get 90% cooperation from our tenants. The other 10%, well, let’s just say we have to reach out a little more strongly and convince them why they want to cooperate versus the cost of paying for the repairs should the system freeze.

Fall is also the time that we coordinate both A/C and furnace checks for the year. The weather is warm enough to test the A/C but cool enough to run and check the furnace. Again, that entails the cooperation of tenants since all the controls are in the home.

Both projects take months to complete and we are in constant communication with vendors to ensure they are on track. When we get to the final few tenants that have not communicated with our vendors, whether sprinklers or furnaces, we then must post 24-hour notices to the tenants making them aware we are just going to enter with a key and take care of the work that needs to be done.

We also are on the lookout for hoses still attached to the spigot, as that too will cause the pipe to freeze and come summer the basement or crawl space to flood.

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