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New Year ~ New Home

New Year ~ New Home

We hope you rang in the New Year with a bang and vision that will last long after 2020! Have you thought about buying a house in the next year? Have you considered making your home a rental investment that will provide for years to come? When thinking along those lines, it is important to get your house in order! A few things to think about: know your credit score and increase it as much as possible. Many banks and credit agencies allow you to check your credit for free at least once a year - take advantage of that and start making healthy payments that will boost that credit score. Be sure to pay off any old debts that may be lingering, especially student loans or anything that have gone to creditors. 

If you’re thinking to buy a house, make sure you have all of your documents lined up and limit any big purchases you are wanting to make as they will check all of your funds and watch your spending during the process, especially if you’re planning on charging those to credit. Avoid changing jobs and banks as they look at stability of the buyer as well. Make sure you have a lender and get pre-approved for the amount you are able to afford, prior to shopping for that dream home. Make sure you know the areas you are searching and whether they have a Homeowners Association, what fees are included/charged and any rules or regulations in place. Also consider downloading a  free budgeting app such as Mint or PocketGuard that will track your spending and help you see the bigger picture of where your money goes. If and when you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give A Cut Above Property Management a call - where you’re always be treated A Cut Above! 

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