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WINter Prep for Springtime

WINter Prep for Springtime

Well the cold of winter is upon us, trees and flowers are sleeping. This is the time for Property Managers to rest and prepare for the summer, right? Well part of that is right. This is the time when Property Managers should be preparing for the spring and summer by switching their focus from move in and move out season to what projects should be planned for warmer weather.

Now is the perfect time for Property Managers to take the full exterior of their properties into consideration. Does the trim or body of the building need painting? Is there work that needs to be done to decks and patios? How is the fencing holding up? If it is wood and over 5 years old, it probably needs to be checked for rotting posts. Property Managers should be assessing all of these items now, getting bids for work to be done, contacting owners and making payment plans for when the work can be done in warmer weather. This makes getting the work that needs to be done, planned, funded and on contractors calendars to start when they can actually do the work.

This is also the time to work with vendors. Some vendors offer discounts if they get job proposals approved now because they know they have actual work to schedule when the weather permits. Even if they do not offer incentives for early approval, getting on their calendars is key to getting projects done in a timely manner. If you wait to try to schedule these big projects when the weather finally does turn, You may be waiting a while.

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